亿光强化 LED 微型化、亮度、省电及低散热的优点,满足消费者轻薄、轻量化趋势的需求。

  • Ambient and Proximity Sensor:APM Series、Digital type
  • IR LED for Proximity Sensor:SMD
  • IR LED for Remote Control:SMD
  • Flash LED Component:ELCH Series, EHP-C04 Series
  • Flash LED Module:ELCH Series, EHP-C04 Series
  • TFT Backlight:EVERLIGTH offers a total solution to meet customer’s needs. For more information on our backlight products, please contact our global Sales Team.
  • SMD LED Indicator:Top View 0402 (0.2T-0.5T)、Top View Bi-Color、Top View Full Color

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