Photo Coupler, IGBT Gate Driver, SSR


The H11LX series of devices each consist of a GaAs infrared emitting diode optically coupled a high speed integrated circuit detector. The output detector incorporates a Schmitt trigger, which provides hysteresis for noise immunity and pulse shaping. The devices are in a 6-pin DIP package and available in wide-lead spacing and SMD option.


• Logic compatible output sinks 16mA
• High isolation voltage between input and output (Viso=5000 Vrms )
• High data rate 1MHz typical (NRZ) range groups
• Pb free and RoHS and Halogen free compliant

Other Applications

• Logic to logic isolator
• Programmable current level sensor
• Line receiver - eliminate noise and transient problems
• AC to TTL conversion - square wave shaping
• Digital programming of power supplies
• Interfaces computers with peripherals

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