The digital ambient light sensor integrated with ADC is digital output I2C interface and interrupt. It has a light to digital converter which combines photodiodes, current amplifiers, analog circuit and digital signal processor. Everlight digital ALS also built-in an optical filter for IR rejection, and providing a spectrum which is close to the human eye’s response. It has programmable interrupt function with high / low threshold.


• Wavelength range close to human eye sensing range
• High resolution output
• 50Hz / 60Hz rejection
• Similar output signals under different light sources with the same brightness
• Operating temperature -40 ℃-85 ℃
• Wide voltage range 2.4V-3.6V
• Low power consumption
• Power saving sleep mode
• Lead-free process
• RoHS compliant

Other Applications

• Detection of ambient for controlling the backlight of TFT LCD display.
• Automatic residential and commercial lighting management.
• Automatic contrast enhancement for electronic signboard.
• Mobile phone
• Smart phone
• Tablet PC.

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